Each day in this Temple dedicated to the pursuit of peace, we pray for just and lasting peace and uphold the nations of the world.

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Daily Prayer for Peace

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Gathering in Silence
Call to Prayer
Lighting of Candle



Each day in this Temple dedicated to the pursuit of peace, we pray for peace and uphold one of the nations of the world.

Today we remember the people of Kenya in our prayers.  Located in Eastern Africa, Kenya is noted for its abundant wildlife, and tourism has brought many to experience wildlife safaris.  HIV and AIDS have affected many of the lives of Kenyans, and create problems of survival for the children left behind.  The people are currently experiencing political violence because of the tribal conflicts in their government, though in the past they have been one of the most stable countries in Africa.  Community of Christ has been established in Kenya since 1977.

The advent message of hope is that Christ is always coming, always entering a troubled world, and bringing restoration and healing.  As we unite in worship, we join with brothers and sisters in Liberia, and all nations, in praying for and pursuing peace for all creation.

Scripture Reading
Isaiah 52:6-8 NIV


How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of those who bring good news, who proclaim peace, who bring good tidings, who proclaim salvation, who say to Zion,  “Your God reigns!”

Prayer for Peace
—Konnie Strom Bullard, Independence, Missouri


 Creator of All, Lord of Love, Thank you for giving us the opportunity to share this time and space together.  Thank you for each one gathered here, and thank you for the journey in life that has brought us to this place. Today we bring before you ourselves--the one and only true thing of value we have to offer. But with us comes imperfection, fear, selfishness, and brokenness, yet a hope of becoming closer to your image, of fulfilling the purpose of life. Creator, there is peace and tranquility here and the quietness of spirit--but outside these protective walls lies a world diseased, a world in which there is violence, fear, hunger, and grief.  There is no way we can "fix" it all.  But with your empowerment, your grace, and your direction we can reach out our hands in love to you and neighbor.  We can strive to bring peace in our corner of the world. Help us to grow spiritually and emotionally as quickly as we can possibly tolerate.  Help us to uphold the vision of a bright tomorrow and let our lives be like that of a light on a hill.  Help us to look deep inside ourselves and deep within others to find your face and the part of us that is made in your image.  Help us accept ourselves and others to learn to be instruments of peace. This is our prayer and our vision.  Walk with us and show us how.  In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.

Blessed Be the God of Israel – Community of Christ Sings #396

Prayers of the People
As we share together in the Prayers of the People, you are invited to offer your own silent prayers or meditate during the moments of silence.    


Gracious and loving God, you are our refuge in times of trial and our joy in times of celebration.  We praise your plan for all creation, to be at peace and give thanks for all who work to promote justice, healing, hope and peace.   

The People Pray in Silence


Heal our brokenness, forgive our sins, and lead us in paths of your peace, we humbly pray.  May our lives reflect your message of hope and peace.

The People Pray in Silence


We uphold for your blessing the people of Kenya.  Strengthen all who work to rebuild, replenish and protect this nation to regain political, social and economic stability.  Help all people look past individual differences to find hope in your enduring love and learn how to maintain peace for all peoples.

The People Pray in Silence

You are the fount of intelligence by which we earn our bread and seek to serve you. We are grateful, and ask for your guidance.  We would also remember those who hunger and thirst for food, knowledge, friends, shelter, or clothing. May we be generous in sharing of our resources for the well-being of all.

The People Pray in Silence


Please use this space to pray for any current concern or event in our community, city, state, nation or world that you feel needs to be held up to God for prayerful consideration.

The People Pray in Silence


May the light of your love radiate from this place as we seek to be people of your peace in all the world.  Amen.

Sending Forth


Our service concludes with ministry of music, and you are invited to remain in the quiet of this place and pray or meditate as long as you wish.

As we find hope and healing in the light of God’s loving presence, let us go forth to share God’s message of hope in our homes, our communities, and in our world.

Ministry of Music